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3 Best Ways to Stay Organized When Purchasing a Home

Are you buying a new home? If the answer is yes then congrats! This is an exciting and monumental moment of your life.

You may be starting a new beginning, getting a bigger home for the family, moving to a different town or even state, possibly even getting a new job, or just upgrading.

With all that excitement, there can also be a lot of stress. Nobody likes the packing and cleaning process of moving out of a home and then there is all of the paperwork that you have to take care of as well, and the inspection, and finances. How do you even begin to stay organized with it all?

Lucky for you, we have listed 3 key things you NEED to do to stay organized while buying a new home.

  1. Keep a Notebook: As simple as it sounds it will save a lot of time and stress. By writing things down, you are less likely to forget anything. Write down in a notebook of all the important dates you have to remember like when loan payments are due, the inspection, move in date, etc. Write down a to-do list and make a master packing list.
  1. Moving Binder: Keep all of those important documents that you sign, such as the truck rental company, to your loan agreement, in a binder with labels so that it makes it easier to find later. If you haven’t already gotten preapproved for a loan, make sure you have all of the pre-approval paperwork ready to go. File the realtors name and number, inspector’s information, and any other contacts that you need to keep on hand. This will make it easy to keep track of and reference when you need to.
  1. Keep a Calendar: There are a lot of things to remember during a home buying process. Keep a calendar of when you purchase the home to when you move. Have a list of certain things you want packed by a certain time, and stick to that schedule. Things come up so give yourself some cushion room too, so that you don’t fall completely behind! Keep the calendar where you will see it every day just to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Home Buying Organization

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