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4 Fun Things To Do At Utah Lake

If you live in one of the neighborhoods next to Utah Lake like Mallard Bay, then you already know all of the perks of living next to it. If you don’t, then you are missing out. When you’re looking for some outdoor fun Utah Lake is the place to be. The lake offers a variety of activities perfect for the whole family, for everyone to enjoy. We couldn’t list everything, but here is just a sample of everything you can do at Utah Lake.

  1. Geocaching: If you don’t know what geocaching is than you need to find out right now! Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt. People hide “caches” full of treasures all over the world and there are dozens of them around Utah Lake. Just get out your smart phone and follow the GPS to the location of your hidden treasure, or check out the Geocaching website for more information on how to play!
  2. Water Activities: Of course where there’s a lake, there’s water sports. There are plenty of docks where you can take out your boat or jet skis when the weather is warm. Have some fun on the water and rent a paddleboard or kayak and explore the lake up close and personal. Or if you want to just relax on the beach and maybe take a swim, there are plenty of beaches to do that at as well. Take the whole family out and have a picnic and just enjoy your day.
  3. Birding: Are you interested in birds and love bird watching? Utah Lake is perfect for that! There are plenty of night owls, bald eagles and pelicans flying around the water. You are sure to see a bird that you have never seen before at Utah Lake.
  4. Hiking: On paved or unpaved paths, there are so many trails around Utah Lake that you can take a walk on or ride your bike. Exploring all around the lake is just as fun as getting in it. Plus if you make it on the west side of the lake, you will get a spectacular view of the mountains and Utah Valley.

Utah Lake Mallard Bay

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