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Five Kid-Friendly Utah Cities

Five Kid-Friendly Utah CitiesWhen moving to a new city, most parents seek out areas that are not only safe, but also known to be family-friendly. Family oriented cities are often more focused on traditional family values, and are often far easier for your children to transition into.

Though Utah has many cities that are perfect for a child to grow up in, there are a few that standout, for they are known for their strong family values and dedication to providing a safe atmosphere for children.

  1. Herriman

The city of Herriman was built with children in mind, as the area is filled with plenty of parks and other kid-friendly community activities. Moreover, the area has plenty of schools for parents to choose from, all of which have well-liked teachers and strong test scores. Plus, the area is full of young families with children of all ages, making it easier for children to get to know one another.

  1. South Jordan

Near Herriman is South Jordan, which is full of intimate housing communities, constructed by home builders in Utah, that are extremely family-friendly. In fact, the area has a gorgeous lake that is often used for fishing and kayaking, which are activities many families love to participate in together. There are also independent shops within walking distance of the homes, from family run restaurants to bakeries to even hair salons. Be on the lookout for fun events, such as 5k charity runs, outdoor festivals, and other familial events.

  1. Cedar City

This area is a small university town, making it budget-friendly for families looking to save money without having to compromise safety. Cedar City is home to Southern Utah University, which is known as the center of town. It offers plenty of events to the public, such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival, offering artsy families the chance to expose their children to the academic side of things.

  1. Pleasant Grove

This area has affordable homes that are both homey and beautiful, perfect for raising a family in. Additionally, Pleasant Grove is an extremely active community, as there are constantly social events happening. In June, it has the Strawberry Days event, which brings a rodeo and carnival to the town, among other activities. Kids love the small town charm Pleasant Grove has to offer, especially the outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and fabulous concerts in the park.

  1. Spanish Fork

This area is great for families with athletic kids. The schools in the area are known for their athletics, as the newest high school, Maple Mountain, has been a dominant force on both the field and the court. It’s down the road from both Provo and Brigham Young University, giving the town quite a bit of culture. For families looking for an area with great schools and great academic opportunities, Spanish Fork is one of the best areas to move to.

While you would be hard pressed to find a bad location in Utah, these are five of the best kid-friendly areas.

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