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Four Family-Fun Activities in Riverton, Utah

One of the best ways to grow your relationships with your kids is to stay involved with them by participating in family-friendly activities, programs, and events. Because work, school, and other responsibilities can easily impede on the available time you have to spend with your family, it is important to set aside a time where you can focus on your family without any distractions. Community activities are a great way to provide your family with entertainment while simultaneously getting the chance to spend time with them.

Here are four family-fun activities you shouldn’t miss in Riverton, Utah:

  1. Explore the Area

Riverton is one of the most beautiful areas in Utah. As Riverton is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, there is plenty of history within the walls of the town. Though it is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah with plenty of Saddlebrook homes for sale and move in ready homes for sale in Utah, the area is rich with history. Riverton once was a rural farming area with only a one-room schoolhouse, and though Riverton has grown and the land has developed, the town still holds true to those small-town roots by creating a charming atmosphere. Getting the chance to explore the area will be well worth your while.

  1. Community Events

There are always a multitude of community events happening in Riverton. Though the Daddy Daughter Date Night just passed, families should be looking forward to the events planned for the spring and summer. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt in April, as well as other sports activities like football leagues, baseball leagues, and even family sports leagues.

During the summer, some of the parks will host a movie night where families can come out with their blankets, chairs, and popcorn and watch a fun movie under the stars. It is one event that should not be missed.

  1. Community Classes

The recreational center has plenty of fun classes for all ages. While the center also holds seminars for parents with topics that range from parenting techniques to college scholarship opportunities for their children, there are lots of family-friendly activities available there both during the week and weekend. There are yoga classes, karate classes, and even self-defense classes. All three are great for exercise and also can be beneficial for safety’s sake.

Four Things Family-Fun Activities in Riverton, UtahPlus, for those who are more interested in the arts, there are often community plays, concerts, and arts and music classes available.

  1. Summer Parades

During the summer months, Riverton usually hosts summer parades and festival days dedicated to commemorating the town. Usually the whole town participates in putting the event together so that both children and adults alike can enjoy the festivals. It is not only a great way to show your support for the town, but it is also a great way to spend time with your family.

Between these events and the others that are sure to come, these are some family-friendly activities that should not be missed!


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