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Four Reasons Families Should Consider Moving to Herriman

After starting a family, many parents often want to move to a family friendly community; towns where their children can safely play outside, have neighborhood friends, and attend academic-minded schools. In terms of safety, education, and community, Utah is one of the top states to embody all three aspects. Specifically, Utah’s up-and-coming city, Herriman, is one of the most family-oriented areas.

For those seeking a new community to raise a family in, here are four reasons to consider Herriman:

  1. Atmosphere

While there are plenty of homes for sale in Utah in general, the homes for sale in Herriman are positioned in small, individual communities. For example, near the northern area of Herriman is Herriman Towne Center, which is a sustainable community, built with families in mind.

As the epicenter of Herriman, this community has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Not only are there a wide variety of homes to consider, most everything within the Towne Center is within walking and biking distance, enhancing the town’s friendly, communal environment.

  1. Recreation

Herriman is full of activity. The area itself is filled with outdoor amenities like Blackridge Reservoir, Herriman Splash pad, and an equestrian center. Over at both the Blackridge Reservoir and Herriman Splash pad kids and adults alike can enjoy lying out in the sand, swimming in the water, kayaking, and so much more. The equestrian center is the perfect place to saddle up and get comfortable riding a horse.

Four Reasons Families Should Consider Moving to HerrimanAdditionally, there are multiple biking and running trails, parks, skate parks, baseball fields, and basketball courts all available for Herriman residents’ use. With it being such a safe area, most parents are not concerned letting their children use these amenities with their friends.

  1. Homes

The homes for sale in Herriman range from large family homes to quaint town houses to charming apartments, offering families of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to find a home suited to their needs. Herriman has newly constructed communities that focus on eco-friendly products and practices, to offer families the most sustainable way of life possible. From solar energy to green building materials, these homes allow families to live in a more energy-efficient manner.

Additionally, energy-efficiency lowers utility bills. Since Utah’s cost of living is already less than many areas, this area is extremely appealing to families, as they can live a spacious home while saving money. It alleviates quite a bit of monetary concerns.

  1. Education

Herriman has quite a few schools, including an elementary school, high school, middle school, and preparatory school. Utah is known for its focus on education, and Herriman is no different. Not only are these schools filled with excellent teachers, they are conveniently located within Herriman city limits, allowing students the ability to easily walk to and from school. Additionally, in Herriman Towne Center, there is a huge library dedicated to children. It is open for studying, research, reading, and other events, which shows how much of an emphasis Herriman places on education.

For these reasons and many others, Herriman is a great family community.


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