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Four Reasons to Retire in Utah’s Daybreak Community

Utah, one of the quieter, more unassuming states is filled with small communities filled with safe neighborhoods, friendly people, and beautiful, scenic surroundings. As Utah has been named one of the safest states in the US, the area is both peaceful and private, making it an extremely attractive spot for families and those ready to retire.

While there are plenty of appealing cities in Utah, one of the top-rated areas with plenty of Utah homes for sale is South Jordan, which is home to the Daybreak Community. If you are on the brink of retirement and are looking for a tranquil area to make your permanent home, here are four reasons why you should consider retirement in Daybreak:

  1. Daybreak Villages

One of the most charming aspects about Daybreak is the fact the community is broken up into villages. These villages range from large family homes to smaller residences to even quaint townhouses, offering each person the ability to find the home best suited to their lifestyle.

Four Reasons to Retire in Utah’s Daybreak CommunityAdditionally, a key feature is that each of these villages are geared to fit different life stages. For instance, some villages were designed with children in mind, as there are parks scattered throughout while others, like Garden Park, were designed for those without children. It offers you the choice to find a neighborhood filled with the type of community you are looking for.

  1. Communal Aspect

Daybreak homes were built with community in mind. The purpose behind this community was to offer people a sustainable way of life, meaning everything available within the community is within walking distance, including the lake, parks, schools, and even a shopping center. The community was built with safe city living in mind, giving it a small town charm even though it is only a small commute to Salt Lake.

On most weekends there is some sort of event happening, bringing the community together to relax and get to know one another. Whether it is a 5k-benefit run, a festival, or a community picnic, there is always something to do that involves the community.

  1. Amenities

Even though everything in the community is within walking distance, it is not a small community by any means. While it might be quaint, there is no lack of activity. Apart from the community events mentioned above, Daybreak is filled with outdoor activities. There are tennis courts, parks, trails, lake activities, a clubhouse for adults, a shopping center, gyms, pools, etc. Daybreak is an active community filled with amenities all within the area in which you live.

  1. Price

In comparison to other areas, Utah is much less expensive. Moving to Daybreak will allow you the chance to relax in a well-maintained community without having to worry about expenses. For many people, even though they are ready to retire, they are concerned about no longer receiving a paycheck. Retiring in this area both saves money and saves stress, as this inexpensive place is entirely relaxing.

Daybreak is one of the premier areas to live, as the advantageous amenities for the price cannot be beat.


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