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Four Reasons to Consider Moving to Herriman

Four Reasons to Consider Moving to HerrimanUtah has been recognized as one of the safest states in the US for more than 10 years. Utah prides itself on offering safe, welcoming communities amidst a thriving state full of recreational activities, diverse culture, and urban city life.

While there are many safe suburban communities with homes for sale in Utah, Herriman is among one of the top rated cities. Located in the Salt Lake County, it borders the city of Riverton to the east, South Jordan to the north, and Bluffdale to the southeast. Although one of the fastest growing cities, Herriman manages to blend its populous growth with an intimate communal vibe.

Here are four reasons to consider Herriman, Utah as your next city:

  1. Layout

One of the most unique aspects to Herriman is the layout of the town. While three sides of the town border other cities, the back side of it borders the majestic hillsides of Clipper Peak, Lowe Peak, and Flat Top Mountain, offering residents not only a breathtaking view of Utah’s terrain, but also the ability to explore within those mountains.

Additionally, even though Herriman is on the outskirts of Salt Lake County, it is just a mere few miles away from the freeway, which offers a direct route to the downtown Salt Lake City area. Herriman feels like an intimate oasis though the community is relatively close to city life. For those who love the city, but prefer living in the suburbs, the homes for sale in Herriman are the perfect choice.

  1. Community

Herriman is known for its dedication to community. Herriman is a tight-knit community that manages to create a familial atmosphere in its growing walls. From citywide events like festivals, community outreaches, and benefit concerts to friendly neighborhood get togethers, Herriman is about providing a warm environment for all who reside in the area.

Additionally, both adults and children alike can sign up to participate in athletic leagues, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, football, running clubs, swimming classes, and lacrosse, among others.

  1. Recreation

Living in Herriman means being able to live more sustainably. The community is designed for healthy, outdoor living by offering all amenities within walking or biking distance from residents’ homes. Instead of having to rely on a car and fuel, Herriman is conveniently laid out in a manner that allows people to get out in the fresh air.

Herriman offers its residents all types of outdoor activities including mountain biking, trail-hiking, cross-country running, dirt biking, and even winter-related activities like skiing and snow boarding when the cold weather hits.

However, there are still plenty of social activities like shopping, gym classes, and restaurants at Herriman Towne Center.

  1. Expenses

One of the most attractive aspects to Herriman is its ability to accommodate both those willing to spend a lot and those willing to a little. Large luxury homes are as readily available as modest smaller homes, which means there is a little something for everyone. Additionally, the cost of living is far less than what it is in surrounding states, allowing all residents the chance to live comfortably without constantly worrying about expenses.

Herriman offers all residents a small town charm amidst a thriving suburban area, making it an ideal community.


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