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Four Reasons to Spend the Summer in Utah

Four Reasons to Spend the Summer in UtahWhile kids are finishing up their school year, many parents are considering what the summer vacation will hold for their families. Most vacations typically extend anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks; however, with more and more parents able to work remotely, many families are considering the idea of temporarily relocating to a summer home.

Over the past few years, Utah has grown in popularity as a destination for outdoorsy folks. While Utah has always been a great winter getaway state with its many snow and ski lodges, more and more people are finding Utah just as attractive during the summer months. From the comfortable weather to the wide variety of outdoor activities, here are four reasons why you should consider spending the summer in Utah:

  1. Outdoor Activities:

One of the greatest aspects of Utah is the endless amount of outdoor activities for adults and children alike. Whether it is barbecuing outside by the lake in South Jordan, or kayaking with your kids in one of the surrounding bodies of water, there is always something fun to be done. Activities extend from biking and hiking to fishing to white water rafting to even horseback riding through the mountainsides. While many are content to enjoy the nature right outside of their Daybreak homes, there are plenty of activities to interest anyone ready for an adventure.

  1. Culture

Utah is a diverse state full of contemporary folks who enjoy embracing both traditional values as well as modern culture. If the outdoors is not as appealing to you and your family, there are tons of other activities to take part in, including the Sundance Film Festival that happens every year in Park City. There are plenty of art galleries in the bigger cities, including both Park City and Salt Lake, as well as art walks and artisan markets in both bigger and smaller cities.

  1. Entertainment

Utah is full of live entertainment from concerts to festivals to even charity runs. Throughout the summer, the entertainment ranges from food festivals, such as the Park City Kimball Arts Festival, which has both artisan food taste testing and art exhibits to view. Additionally, Utah always has plenty of concerts scheduled throughout the summer, many of which are outside in amphitheaters. The concerts range from modern music to independent and local artists to even big band and classical orchestras.

  1. Kids Activities

For those with young kids, Utah has plenty of fun to offer them as well. While the outdoor activities are usually enjoyable to young kids, most cities in Utah are extremely kid-friendly. From hands-on museums to the zoo to waterparks to even historical festivals, kids will not be lacking in entertainment during their summer break. For the more adventuresome, there are even big roller coasters and a huge zip line located in Park City.

Instead of the usual vacation, consider spending the summer in the great state of Utah.


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