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Four Utah Communities Worth Moving To

Four Utah Communities Worth Moving ToFinding the right community to settle down in is a tough venture. Between work obligations and other responsibilities, researching states, cities, and communities is a difficult task to complete. While all communities have pros and cons, in terms of employment rates, crime statistics, and family-friendly environments, here are four communities in Utah that are definitely worth moving to:

  1. Saddlebrook

Located in Riverton, Utah, the Saddlebrook community has award winning model homes that are move in ready. The Saddlebrook community is ideal for small and large families alike, as the community is located in the safe suburbs of Riverton. However, Saddlebrook is relatively near downtown Salt Lake, which makes commuting into the city for work extremely convenient.

Riverton is known for its focus on community events that involve both parents and kids, giving families the chance to integrate themselves into the community while cultivating family relationships. For example, during this spring season, Riverton is hosting a family Easter egg hunt, an MLB baseball competition, and since it is Riverton’s 150th anniversary, there will be plenty more community events throughout the year.

  1. Daybreak

As one of Utah’s more popular communities, Utah homes in Daybreak range from small and intimate to large lake homes. The Daybreak community is broken up into eight different areas, allowing families to choose which area best suits their needs. Additionally, Daybreak is known for its community outreach programs, including 5k benefit runs, weekend festivals, and even kid-friendly programs that benefit the community’s well being. Because of its location, Daybreak is the ultimate area for athletic families, as the availability of outdoor activities are endless. From hiking the gorgeous trails to kayaking on the lake to even cross-country skiing in the winter, Daybreak is the perfect place for active families.

  1. Herriman Towne Center

This intimate community places an emphasis on the importance of family. The town is situated in a manner that allows parents to spend the maximum amount of time with their children. The Herriman community center is packed with community activities that involve both parent and child participation, such as art classes, library events, and even family sports teams. Moreover, Herriman Towne Center is full of safe parks, friendly neighbors, and good schools, making this area an ideal candidate for families seeking out wholesome communities.

  1. Rosecrest

The Rosecrest community has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. It is located in the hills of Herriman, offering residents the ability to hike and bike all around the trails that surround the area. Additionally, Rosecrest has nearly 20 acres devoted to parks, giving children a safe yet fun place to spend their free time. As Rosecrest is located within the city of Herriman, it has access to Herriman’s library, rec center, and nearby shopping to both independent businesses and well-known businesses.

When it comes to finding a new community, a family-friendly atmosphere is of the utmost importance. These four Utah communities have been recognized for their dedication to maintaining a safe environment while offering families a community they feel comfortable in.


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One response to “Four Utah Communities Worth Moving To

  1. My husband’s company is moving out to Herriman and so we are planning on moving in the area as well. I really like the idea of moving to Rosecrest, because it has a lot of parks and that would be just perfect for our three children. I also love the fact that it is a family-friendly community. However, is Rosecrest a private community or a regular town? I am just curious about that because I know that private communities require HOA fees.

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