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How to Prep Your Home for a Cozy Fall

How to Prep Your Home for a Cozy FallFall is the start of the journey into the cooler, wetter months. While the cool temperatures are a nice respite from the hot summer months, the transition can be hard on your home. The changing of temperatures can lead to drafty homes, overlooked roof leaks, and other safety hazards you were unaware of.

In preparation for the cooler season, here are a few home projects to take care of in order to ensure your home is ready for a cozy fall.

  1. Pathways

One of the first things to prepare for the onslaught of wet weather are the pathways around your house. While most Utah home builders and other building companies build a traditional walkway to the front of the house, some homes are not fully equipped with secure, safe paths. Whether it is old age that has turned your once flat pathway into an uneven surface, or a non-existent pathway that has remained natural land, take the time to secure each path. Fill in driveway cracks and divots in existing pathways, and consider building a new path in areas that need one to avoid muddy conditions.

  1. Outdoor Lights

The fall season comes with less daylight, which means darker conditions for longer hours. Adding outdoor lights around the walkways of your home can help illuminate the path, ensuring the safety of guests using the paths. Additionally, adding more lights to the outside of your home can keep it well lit and safe from harm.

  1. Landscape

Protect your landscape for the cooler temperatures. Fall is a great time to seed your lawn, trim your trees, and/or start a compost pile. Plus, if there are any shrubs or flowers that need to be covered for cooler temperatures, it is a wise idea to prune them during the fall in preparation for winter.

  1. Sheds

While tools and children’s toys are all right spending the majority of their time outside during the summer, in the fall and winter, these items should be stored properly in order to preserve their functionality. Build a shed in the backyard that can house all of your tools and keep them protected from the rain and snow.

  1. Freeze-Proof the Exterior

Take the time to prep outdoor faucets in order to keep them from bursting or breaking during the colder months. A ruptured pipe can be costly, in both money and time, especially if it ruptures during an inconvenient rainstorm or snowstorm. The best way to freeze-proof pipes and faucets is to replace them with faucets that have safety valves that protect them from rupturing in the cold months.

  1. Weather-Proof Doors and Windows

Drafty conditions can be uncomfortable and costly. Check the seals on your doors and windows to ensure they are still fully functioning. If there are any breaks in the weather seals, cool air will find its way in and heater air will find its way out. Take the time to fix or replace the weather strips to keep your home comfortable.

These tips can help you have an accident-free fall.


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