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How to Prepare Your Home For a Sale

How to Prepare Your Home For a SaleWhen it comes to moving into another home and selling the current home, there always seems to be an endless list of tasks that need to be done. From finding the right new house in Utah to planning the move to finding buyers for your current home, the whole process can be a bit chaotic.

For many people, it is much easier to find a new house than it is to sell the existing one. However, it is not impossible to sell the home, especially if the house is prepared for a sale. Here are a few tips:

  1. Distance Yourself from the Home

Even though it is exciting to move into a home and period of your life, it can be difficult to leave behind the past. Even if the home you are selling was a starter home, there are memories within the walls that can be difficult to leave behind. Sometimes, these memories can unintentionally sabotage the sale of the house, as you and your family are not ready to let it go. Being able to let the home go begins with distancing yourself from the house. Picture your life inside of your new home and picture a new family living within the walls. This can help you begin to create boundaries.

  1. Lose the Personal Touches

Home buyers can have trouble picturing themselves in a new house if the home is filled with personal touches from the owners. Most potential buyers have a hard time envisioning their families in a house that is filled with other memories, such as pictures, murals, and other important decorations.

Take the time to de-personalize the home, offering buyers a nice, neutral home. If buyers can picture their families in the home, they will be more likely to put in an offer.

  1. De-Clutter

Overly cluttered homes can look messy, chaotic, and small. All three of these things can detract from the home’s value and personality. Remove any excess mail, magazines, books, etc. from each room, sterilizing the place a bit. Keep surfaces clean and free from extra clutter, as it can make a space look much larger and more open.

  1. Closets

Because buyers want to know what storage space is available, they will often take a look in the bedroom and hall closets. If the closets are filled with disorganized items, it can make the closets seem small and dysfunctional. By putting the other items in storage and leaving just a few items in each closet, the home feels bigger and more organized. With closet space being one of he number one amenities buyers are looking for, it is important they look clean and organized, otherwise buyers may not be able to see the potential.

  1. Repairs

Before listing your home, take some time to make repairs to the home. Patch walls, repaint baseboards, and buff the hardwood floors. These easy home repairs can add value to your home, while also making it more appealing to buyers.

These tips can help you get your home ready for a sale.


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