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How to Settle in a New Community

How to Settle in a New CommunityMoving to a brand new city is never an easy decision. While there is a sense of excitement that comes with the prospect of exploring a new city, there is quite a bit of stress associated with the move as well. Not only is there a house to move into, there is also the hassle of figuring out the lay of the land, finding nearby stores, getting the kids registered at school, and meeting new people, among other things.

Because relocating can be difficult, it can take a while for a new place to feel like home. Here are a few ways to set down roots in a new place:

  1. Housewarming Party

While you may not be familiar with any of the people in the area, hosting a housewarming party in your new Utah home can be a great way to dive into the community. Invite your neighbors or the parents of your children’s classmates. Though it can be nerve-wracking to host a housewarming party, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can be one of the best ways to meet new people.

  1. Schools

Consider getting involved in your children’s school. Volunteering as a classroom aid or joining the PTA can help you not only be invested in where your children are going to school, but also give you a chance to meet other parents and teachers.

  1. Community Service

Another great way to get involved is to participate in different communal events. Many cities have volunteer opportunities for the residents to help out with, such as fundraisers, town events, and other related activities. From 5Ks to concerts to parties, cities are always in need of a few extra hands.

  1. Classes

Get involved in local classes, such as local art classes or an exercise class. Many art centers or community centers have classes available for residents to join, from painting and sculpting to drawing and photography. Most local gyms have daily exercise classes that are free with a membership to the gym. Joining any local classes can help you find a new hobby, get to know others, and start to feel connected in the community.

  1. Support Groups

Another great way to get integrated into a new place is to find a support group that shares a common-interest with you and your family. For instance, if you or a loved one has a health condition, look for a support group at a local hospital. Or, if your spouse is in the military, look for a military-spouse support group.

  1. Meet Someone New

With today’s connected world, most people know someone who knows someone who lives in the same area you just moved to. If a friend of a friend has a relative who lives in the area, consider giving them a call. While it might be out of your comfort zone, it can help give you a sense of connection to your new home.

While moving to a brand new area can be challenging, these tips can help you grow to love your new home.


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