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How to Turn Your House into a Home

Are you happy with the current state of your home?

Whether you are living in a farmhouse, a bungalow or a modern estate it all comes down to the details.

The layout of your house matters less than what you decide to do with it. Your personal style will largely determine the ideal direction to take as you begin to take back your space and turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

Your home should serve as a reflection of who you are while supporting your family’s values and needs. Before we get started with the specific areas that you’ll want to consider, let’s start with a few questions to zero in on your individual needs.

What’s in a Home?

love your home

The features and characteristics that make up a home can completely differ from person to person.

So in order to dig into your unique needs, try making a list of the things that you want in a home. The questions below may help with this process:

1) How Do You Use Your Space?

cozy home

What types of activities do you conduct in or around your home? Are you an entertainer or recluse? These types of preferences will determine whether the rooms in your home are better suited for a guest bedroom, a library, home gym, craft room or a zombie-apocalypse storage unit.

2) What Feelings Do You Associate with Your Home?

carved decor

When you think of your home, focus on the types of images, feelings and thoughts that come up. This might be a place of peace and comfort, excitement and activity or even education and achievement. Your place of residence can serve many roles so it’s important to figure out what matters the most to you inside those walls.

A good way to hone in on this area is to reflect on how you want people to feel when they walk into your home.

3) What Takes Place In Your Home? 

family home

Being realistic with the organization and décor in your home is not a bad thing.

While you may envision modern furniture and bold colors, it’s important to take it on a room-by-room basis. Rather than jump into a new look and feel for the whole house, taking the time to create a goal for each area of your home is usually much more effective.

When it comes down to it, the people that live in your home are what really matter.

Tying It All Together

So what features should you consider as you reflect on the needs and desires of the people within your home?

1) Start Under your Feet

hardwood floors

The floor may not seem like a big deal but it can have a significant impact on the feel of your home. Do you want soft carpets and rugs to help with sound insulation and warmth or do you prefer the look and feel of hardwood floors and tile?

The textiles in your home can bring a lot of warmth and personality to the space that they occupy.

2) Work with The Light

candle light

The lighting in your home plays a huge role in the comfort and coziness that your space exudes. Many houses are outfitted with the most cost-effective solutions at the start, which is understandable but not necessarily the best approach.

Lighting is one of the quickest ways to create the atmosphere that you want in your home and there are many affordable options out there.

3) Make The Details Your Own

customized decor

Just because something was designed a certain way doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed.

This applies to many things such as furniture, lighting fixtures, storage units, etc. It can also be fun to repurpose different items to give them a new life. Customizing the items in your home will go a long way toward creating a space that feels like it was made just for you.

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