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Moving to Utah? Here’s How to Prepare Your Kids

Moving to a new city can be hard on a child, especially if you are moving from the first and only house they ever knew. Young children often do not understand the concept of moving, and have a hard time feeling comfortable in a new room, home, and even city. For kids who are close with their friends, it may also take some time for them to adjust to not having them nearby.

Moving to Utah? Here’s How to Prepare Your KidsWhile moving can be stressful to begin with, adding the distress of your children to the mix can be hard to handle. Taking the time to prepare your kids ahead of time, as well as after you have arrived, can help them relax in their new home.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your kids:

  1. Be Open and Honest

Once you device to make the move, communicate with your kids about what is going on. Task them if they have any questions or concerns regarding the move, and allow them to express their feelings. Some might be excited, some might be sad, some might be angry, and some might be a combination of many emotions. Giving the kids time to adjust to the idea can help them adjust more quickly in their new environment.

  1. Keep Them Involved

Allow them to be involved in the moving process. For instance, if looking at Daybreak Utah homes for sale, show them pictures of the house, what could be their new room, backyard, and even pictures of the surrounding neighborhood. Let them know if their parks nearby, or other kid-friendly areas. Many areas in Utah have recreational centers that are full of activities perfect for kids, from sports to art to reading.

  1. School

One of the hardest transitions for kids is moving to a new school. For many children, moving to a new house is not of much concern; in fact, it’s often exciting. What is of a concern is attending a new school where they do not know the teachers or the students, which can feel extremely intimidating. If possible, set up a meet and greet with the children’s teachers, as well as a tour of the school so that each child feels more comfortable at the school.

  1. Neighbors

Once you have moved, reach out to your neighbors if they have not reached out to you and your family first. Many of your neighbors might have children relatively around the same age as your children, which can help your kids make friends more quickly, especially if you are moving in the summer. Plus, the neighbors can give you tips on what programs and activities are available for your kids to participate in.

  1. Lay of the Land

Spend some time with your kids getting the lay of the land. Seek out the nearby grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants. Seeing familiar names can help your children acclimate more quickly to their new environment.

Preparing both yourself and your kids ahead of time can help you have a smooth move.


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