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5 Holiday Decorating Tips for Your New Home

For new homeowners, figuring out how to decorate a new space for the holidays can be fun and overwhelming all at the same time. While you may feel like what you already have on hand is out of date, we know that buying all new holiday decorations might not be an option. At Holmes Homes, we’ve put together a few holiday decorating tips for new homeowners that will help to make your new home feel stylish AND cozy all season long.

1. Pick a Color/Theme

Find a theme and stick with it. Whether you love earthy neutrals, glittery silvers and golds, or traditional reds and greens, try to keep your holiday décor somewhat consistent. When decorating your new home with a specific color palette or style, everything will flow together more naturally.

2. Keep it Simple.

Choose one or two areas of focus and decorate with a few classic pieces. Whether it’s your front entry or fireplace mantel or both, find or use the decorations you love most and display them. If you decide to buy new holiday décor, start small. You can always add more to your collection with every new season.

3. Freshen Up Old Decor

If buying new holiday décor isn’t in your budget, get creative and freshen up some of your old favorites. Grab some spray paint from a local craft store and change up the look and colors of your decorations to make them more current. You can add new ribbons and bows, berries and greenery sprigs, or even glam things up with a little (or a lot of) glitter!

4. Use Winter Flowers and Fresh Greenery

Another great option for holiday decorating as a new homeowner is using the beautiful and fragrant flowers and greenery available this time of year. Large poinsettias look gorgeous when transferred into a festive pot and are big enough to fill those empty spaces you aren’t sure what to do with. Using fresh greenery on your mantel or along staircases is always a lovely addition that brings the fabulous smells of winter indoors.

5. Ornaments, Candies, and Jars

There are so many fun and different types of holiday décor. Large jars of all shapes and sizes can be filled with fun candies or ornaments. Candy canes, peppermint sticks, large glittery balls or even tiny ones, can all be placed in jars and grouped together to make a fun statement. You can roll with the candy theme and put candies in your tree, fresh greenery or garlands, and more!

6. Go Eclectic

If you love the holidays and have the mentality of “the more décor the better,” go for an eclectic look. Group styles together throughout the rooms in your house, or mix and match. There is no wrong way to decorate your home!

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