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The 7 Most Popular Features Trending In New Homes Right Now

There’s nothing more exciting than walking into a newly built home. You can smell the fresh materials and see the sparkle on every newly installed appliance.

It’s no surprise that our technology has evolved over the years along with our needs. What once was important to a homeowner is now either obsolete or a waste of space.

For example, a typical 1920’s Utah home had no dishwasher and less storage than we do now. Here we are in 2016 — ask anyone and they will tell you that not only is a dishwasher necessary but so are plentiful amounts of storage.

Here is a list of 7 of the most popular features trending in new homes right now – brought to you  by Holmes Homes (*data was from a 2014 Homebuilders Survey).

1) Walk In Closets


Without a closet with plenty of storage space, your home can look cluttered. Walk-in closets are trending because they not only serve as a storage room for your clothes but they also offer a door which provides a clean and organized look to your home.

2) Granite Countertops

It used to be a luxury seen in only the newest homes and made-over kitchens but now granite is here to stay. Known for being super-tough and luxurious looking, granite countertops are a very common trend in new homes.

3) Laundry Room


No more basement laundry trips! Laundry rooms have quickly become an asset to the American household and they won’t be going away anytime soon.

4) 2 or 3 Car Garages


In our fast-paced world, cars are needed and multiple at that. Our schedules are hectic and it’s very common that family members need to be in various places at once. The days of worrying about hail damage and snow should be lessened as modern homes are incorporating more garages to accommodate the desires of home-builders.

5) Low Emission Windows

2014 07 18_6124

These windows are coated to help control ultraviolet and infrared light which have a hand in making your favorite furniture fade. Low-E windows help decrease these light waves and also help to insulate the house in the winter time by reflecting heat back into the house.

6) Built-In Wall Speakers


Many new homes are featuring built-in-wall speakers for the television and your devices. It wouldn’t be surprising if we started to see more Bluetooth devices being installed within the home as well as our technology continues to advance.

7) Energy Efficient Appliances


The cost of living is expensive enough and with the awesome advances we’ve made with appliances, there’s no doubt going to be a push for energy efficient machines.

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