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Six Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Utah

Six Surprising Things About UtahWhile Utah is known for its gorgeous landscape, breathtaking views, serious ski resorts, and Sundance Film Festival, there are still plenty of secrets hiding within Utah. Many who are aware of these facts actually migrated over to the Beehive state because of the knowledge they learned.

For anyone looking to move to a progressive yet traditional area with family-friendly activities and strong moral values, Utah is one of the best states to consider. If you haven’t given Utah a thought, perhaps these six things will help persuade you:

  1. Generosity

According to recent research statistics, those native to Utah are of the most generous folks in the US. Out of all the 50 states, Utahans are of the most people to donate their money and volunteer their time to different charities, their communities, churches, and the worlds as a whole.

  1. The Wild West

Not only do many cities in Utah put on western festivals and productions during the summer to commemorate Utah’s heritage, the town of Kanabis often referred to as “Little Hollywood” because it is the prime location for many movies and television shows detailing the western way of life. On days they are not filming, visitors can come visit the sets and watch the staff perform skits.

  1. Trembling Giant

Although Utah is readily known for its rugged outdoor landscape full of forests, red rock mountains, and other green foliage, Utah is also home to the largest, heaviest organism in the world: the Trembling Giant. Also known as the Pando, the tree is an aspen that has created an entire forest. There are differing opinions as to the forest’s age, but the 40,000 trees share a single root system, which gives them identical genetic markers. It’s one of the most beautiful sites Utah has to offer.

  1. Brewing

Utah has a huge microbrew scene. Though Utah has strict liquor laws, alcohol is not prohibited entirely. As such, the brewing scene has expanded greatly, offering people a more upscale outlet to consume beer without defying alcohol laws. As of right now, there are more than 20 breweries and pubs, most of which have been awarded national awards.

  1. Healthy

Utahans are of the healthiest people in the US, physically, emotionally, and monetarily. Research has proven that those in Utah are satisfied with their job, with the safety in their communities, and with their emotional and physical health. Plus, the cost of living is much lower than other areas, offering families plenty of access to food, water, and shelter. Additionally, most Utahans are not smokers, overall improving their quality of life.

  1. Underwater

One-third of Utah used to be under water. Lake Bonneville, which used to be as large as Lake Michigan, used to cover up nearly a third of present-day Utah. Eventually, when the lake dried up, there were tons of salt deposits underneath, presently known as the Bonneville Salt Flats. These flats are used for commercial use, and have even been used for movie filming.

These six little known facts help make Utah so attractive and unique!


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    If your building or buying a home I highly recommend this builder!

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