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Six Things You Didn’t Know about Utah

Utah is a state full of exquisite landscape, prosperous cities, family-friendly communities, and successful people. Apart from the celebrity athletes that train in Utah’s amazing athletic facilities, there is not much of a reason for Utah to make the headlines of national news—and that’s a good thing. With low crime rates, a high employment rate, and excellent schools, Utah is nothing short of amazing.

Although Utah might fly under the radar in terms of news, the state is anything but boring or forgettable. In fact, Utah is a bit of a hidden gem, which is just how Utah natives like it. For those considering

Six Things You Didn’t Know about Utah

moving to Utah, here are a few things you might not have known about the majestic Red Rock state:

  1. Education

Did you know Utah has been named as one of the top educated states in the US? Not only are the schools in Utah ranked highly, the people as a whole in Utah are of the most educated. The majority of Utah residents hold a degree of some sort, most of which being a Bachelor’s.

For those with families who are looking for an area that values education, families should consider purchasing a home in Herriman. The family-friendly community is packed with good schools and great teachers.

  1. Communities

Unlike other states where many people often do not know their neighbors next door, Utah is a community-driven area. While there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in and sites to see, Utah is more about the people than the things to do. Most communities in Utah are like a family. They are full of people who genuinely care about their neighbors and their friends.

  1. Lake

Utah is home to the biggest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere: The Great Salt Lake. Back in the early days of Utah, The Great Salt Lake was once known as Lake Bonneville and actually stretched over a significant part of what is now developed Utah land.

  1. State Snack

A random fact about Utah: the state snack is Jell-O. Utah is known for its excessive consumption of the dessert, and is often annually ranked as having the highest consumption of Jell-O in the world.

  1. Activity

Utah is one of the most active states in the US. Due to its terrain and Red Rock areas, Utah is one of the most traveled areas in terms of hiking and backpacking. Additionally, Utah is home to some of the best ski slopes and snowboarding runs, making it a haven for outdoorsy people.

  1. Pioneer Day

On July 24th, Utah citizens like to celebrate Pioneer Day, which is a holiday celebrating the Mormons who settled in Utah. The day is filled with pioneer activities and re-enactments of the important moments in Utah history.

While Utah might be an underrated state in the eyes of the majority of the world, the citizens know how spectacular a place it is to live.


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