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The Five Best Cities for Young 20-Somethings

The Five Best Cities for Young 20-SomethingsThe majority of young, single 20-somethings are looking to settle into a thriving city packed with culture and nightlife. Most are looking for an exciting urban location that not only offers fun activities, but also a good job market, reasonable rent, and other like-minded people.

The top cities are the ones that combine all the factors listed above in a reasonable manner without having to sacrifice anything. Thus, here are the top five cities for young 20-somethings to move to:

  1. Salt Lake City

On more than one occasion, Salt Lake City has been named one of the least-stressed cities in the U.S., as the vibe in the city is casual and relaxed. Many move to Salt Lake because it is known for its great economy, low cost of living, and low unemployment rate, offering plenty of young professionals the ability to find a well-paying job in their niche. While many start out renting apartments, with the reasonable housing prices in Utah, many quickly graduate to living in a house. Rosecrest homes for sale and other suburban offshoots of Salt Lake have plenty of decently priced homes. Plus, Salt Lake City has some of the best skiing resorts in the world and nearly every 1 person out of 6 is in their 20s.

  1. Boulder

For the young professionals who also love the outdoors, there is little any other city can offer that Boulder, Colorado does not. Home to over 200 miles of hiking trails and cycling paths, and over 43,000 acres of untouched terrain. Boulder has been among the top cities with residents that have the best overall well-being, which can be mostly attributed to the fit lifestyle of most residents. For entrepreneurial folks, Boulder is home to plenty of successful startups, making it a great city for the creative go-getters.

  1. Pittsburgh

As the most literate city in Pennsylvania (and the U.S.), Pittsburgh is the perfect city for those seeking higher education. Pittsburgh is known for its books and bars, making it an attractive city to those who enjoy discussing good reads over cold brew. Plus, Pittsburg is becoming popular with cyclists, as it has incredibly biking trails winding throughout the city’s gorgeous rivers and landscape.

  1. Minneapolis

The Twin Cities is a popular area for young professionals because it offers high salaries to those just starting out in a field. Plus, it is home to some of the U.S.’s largest corporations, such as Target and the Mayo Clinic. It also has plenty of culture in terms of nightlife, fitness, and other interesting activities.

  1. Cincinnati

The younger generation is equally as interested in Cincinnati, as the big Ohio city is where Fortune 500 companies like Kroger and Macy’s begun and still reside currently. Not only that, on average, young professionals make around $40,000 a year and can find an apartment for only $700 a month for rent.

These five cities offer everything a 20-something could be looking for: job security, affordability, and fun.


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