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Tip Tuesday: Rug Shopping

Today’s Tip Tuesday is on Rugs! Many people think they need a bigger size rug then they really do but when they go to buy a rug they end up getting a smaller rug then they should because of the sticker shock. So today let’s look at some great examples of what size of rug you really need.

rugs tip
Rug Tutorial found from Pinterest


Rug shopping can be like Goldilocks and the three bears. You don’t want one too small or too big you have to find that just right size. Areas that need big rugs are under a bed or table but rugs in the living room can be a little smaller if placed right. In the bedroom you don’t want to place a rug at the foot of the bed so you can see it. Instead you need a larger rug that can go under the bed and still show beyond the bed frame. (Reference the picture above)

This means you can’t go small to save money BUT there are certain places that you can find less expensive rugs. Some tips I’ve found are online stores like Rugs USA.  My favorite tip to give is to go out and shop at your favorite stores. THEN go to less expensive places like Home Goods or Target and see if they have anything less expensive that looks like your favorite name brand one. The less expensive stores watch the expensive ones and try to stay competitive by making sure they are in style. This works out great for us shoppers and our wallets because now we can get our favorite rugs for cheaper!

Sunset Living Down
Holmes Homes Sunset Model located in Herriman UT

When it comes to placing rugs in your living room there are two rules. Either all pieces need to touch an area of the rug like in the above picture or the rug needs to frame the ottoman entirely or go under two legs of the couch and extend past the ottoman like the picture below.

Holmes Homes Seneca Model located in Daybreak UT

The dinning room area is pretty easy to judge  the size of the rug. It has to be big enough to place the table on top of BUT chairs when pulled out don’t have to stay on the rug. In fact if you’ve got wood or laminate flooring like the picture below you still want to show off that amazing floor so don’t take the whole space up with a rug.

DSC_0502 (1)
Holmes Homes Mystic Model located in Daybreak UT

It’s hard to know exactly what size of rug you need but remember you want to see the rug so more than likely you need the bigger size. Many stores have great return policies so try what you think is correct and return it if you’ve bought the wrong size.

We want to see you rug photos so tag us on Facebook or instagram @holmeshomes! Happy decorating!

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