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5 Tips For A Refreshing Spring Cleaning


It’s official: Spring has sprung! Utah’s famous frozen inversion is gone and flowers, warmth and longer days are finally upon us. Many at this time like to go through and do a thorough, deep clean of their house (more commonly known as “Spring Cleaning”). A good deep cleaning upon emerging from the bleak Winter months can do wonders for your wellbeing and create sense of satisfaction in your home. So what are you waiting for? Here’s 5 tips for a refreshing spring cleaning brought to you by your favorite Utah homebuilders, Holmes Homes!

1- Gather Cleaning Supplies & Get New Ones If Needed


Make sure that your vacuum is performing well by checking to see if it needs a new filter or vacuum bag. A vacuum can lose its suction when it’s not properly maintained or cleaned out. Be sure to check your filter and clean out anything that’s wrapped around the brushroll. Brushrolls can get clogged and oftentimes we forget to clean this important piece out. Check to make sure you’re using fresh chemicals or cleaners to pack maximum punch.

2- Address & Attack Clutter


Before you can start any type of deep clean, you’ve got to deal with the clutter. Many times we hang onto the things that we collect throughout the years but we never touch it. Donating things that can be of use to someone else will not only help them but also help you! Someone will be able to have something that they need and your rooms will look even cleaner without the unnecessary clutter. Go through and ask yourself, “Why am I hanging onto this?” “Is this room the best place for it?” “Could someone use it more than me?” When you answer these questions, it makes giving up clutter a lot easier. Check your local area for donation centers.

3- Clean One Room At A Time


If you don’t have organization before starting your deep clean, chances are that you are going to have workflow issues and will be less efficient. It’s important to stay focused on a single room instead of working on multiple at the same time. You’ll feel that you’re making more progress if you can get one room sparkling clean before you move on to the next room. It’s also helpful to open the windows and let some fresh air in each room, nothing is more invigorating than opening up the windows after a long winter!

4- Replace Old or Worn & Torn Items


To really help spruce up your Utah home, it’s always a great idea to replace entry mats, lighting fixtures or electrical sockets that have scuffs or grime. Sometimes, that sentimental lampshade or table accessory just needs to go because it’s ‘beyond dusting’. Don’t be afraid to part with some of your well-worn but favorite items — this is spring cleaning and it should be considered a new chapter of your year! You’ll feel a pep in your step when you get to enjoy the ‘new’ scenery in your home.

5- Reorganize Furniture & Consider New Decor

Young Man Moving Sofa

Moving furniture is great for two reasons: First, you can get under and clean out any dust or trash that has accumulated. Second, you’re moving around your living area which fights boredom with living spaces and opens up new opportunities for enjoying your beautiful home! It’s easy to get stuck in routines but shaking things up a little bit can help spark creativity and also help you achieve personal goals beyond just cleaning!

And there you have it– the 5 tips to help you navigate spring cleaning in your home. Are there any other things that you like to do when spring cleaning comes that you find effective? We’d love to know!

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