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Top Five Reasons to Move to South Jordan’s Daybreak Community

In the Salt Lake City County, South Jordan, Utah is one of the safest, most sustainable areas in Utah. As home to the Daybreak community, one of the premier neighborhoods in Utah, South Jordan is a top area for residents who enjoy living life to the fullest.

If considering a move to the great state of Utah, the Daybreak community in South Jordan, Utah is the ideal location. Here are the top five reasons why.

  1. Safety

One of the major perks to South Jordan is the safe community aspect, specifically in terms to Utah homes for sale in the Daybreak community. With the entire community being designed for sustainable living and outdoor recreation, the neighborhood is one of the safest areas in Utah.

Top Five Reasons to Move to South Jordan’s Daybreak CommunityBecause the community promotes an active lifestyle, families walk or bike to their intended location whenever possible, as all major amenities, such as hiking trails, skiing slopes, lake activities, parks, and shopping centers are within a five to ten minute walking distance. Additionally, Daybreak is home to three schools: Daybreak Elementary, Eastlake Elementary, and Early Light Academy. All three are accessible by walking, which aids in the safety of children, for their home and school are in one local community.

  1. Community

With Daybreak homes being designed as a complete community, all eight villages have a familial atmosphere. Regardless of whether a resident is single, a couple, or a large family, the atmosphere is entirely welcoming.

Residents have access to the lake, where they can either rent equipment from the lake house or use their own to enjoy a leisure afternoon of fishing, go paddle boarding, or spend the morning canoeing. Additionally, residents have access to community pools, gyms, and clubhouses, among other amenities.

There is usually always an event or happening from farmer’s markets to marathons to festivals, which brings the community together. With the amount of community-driven activities, Daybreak feels like a small town in and of itself. It is an intimate area where everyone knows everyone, creating a warm, family-oriented environment.

  1. Culture

With there being eight villages, Daybreak is a diverse community that houses a place for all walks of life. Residents can choose from town houses to small, single-family homes to large, premier homes. While some homes favor the historical Salt Lake City neighborhoods, complete with front porches and vivid colors, others take a more modern approach. Architecturally speaking, some neighborhoods are more diverse than others, offering all residents a choice in style.

Moreover, each village offers something unique and different from the next. For instance, the Garden Park Village is designed for the 55+ community while the Creekside Village is designed for young families. While these communities are not exclusive to the target resident, they provide residents with the choice to immerse themselves in an area with those in similar walks of life.

  1. Opportunity

Salt Lake City is one of the best areas for opportunity. While the economy is still recovering from the 2008 shock, Salt Lake City has managed to provide employment for many, many people. The Daybreak community is just outside of downtown Salt Lake, which makes it an ideal area for those looking for a successful, meaningful job. Additionally, Utah is home to many industry innovators and small, independent businesses. For those looking to start a new business venture, Salt Lake is a perfect area.

  1. Cost of Living

Lastly, Utah’s cost of living is far less than many other well-known areas. Utah, especially in the Daybreak homes, offers residents the ability to live comfortably without having to stress over expenses.

South Jordan’s Daybreak Villages is an idyllic area perfect for anyone looking for a friendly, intimate community.

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