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Top Five Reasons to Move to Utah

Top Five Reasons to Move to UtahFlying under the radar since its admission into the Union, Utah is among one of the top states in terms of safety, livability, and outdoor recreation. Perhaps one of the most underrated states, Utah is time and again recognized for its amazing attributes, including its gorgeous climate, low cost of living, and even lower crime rates.

If considering moving for a change of scenery or pace, here are five reasons why Utah should be one of your top choices:

  1. Cost of Living

The Beehive state is not only one of the least expensive states to live in, it is also in the top 20 percent when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Utah offers the same amenities that can be found in some of the largest cities in the US, but nearly half the price, making homes for sale in Utah a hot commodity.

As a matter of fact, Utah has also been recognized as one of the top states for income earnings and employment. Moreover, Salt Lake City has been recognized as being one of the largest US cities with the best combination of income, employment, and education.

  1. Climate

For the outdoor inclined, Utah offers a wide variety of recreational activities from hiking, water sports, and snow sports, among others. Utah’s diverse climate allows for warm summers, perfect for hiking the renowned Red Rock Country and scenic bike trails, and cold winters offering some of the best snow in the US. In fact, Utah is home to some of the US’s top winter Olympic competitors.

  1. Academics

Utah takes education seriously, and values the importance of education. Both Provo and Salt Lake City have been nominated for being one of the most educated US cities in terms of both high school and college completion. Moreover, other cities in Utah like Herriman and South Jordan are known for their academic excellence for elementary and secondary schools. Parents looking to find the best education for their children should consider homes for sale in Herriman or South Jordan, as the schools are within walking distance.

  1. Strong Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Utah is number two in terms of the lowest rate of unemployment in the nation. Likewise, Salt Lake is one of the best cities to start a career in, as it is one of the top-rated towns for small businesses. Utah is a community-driven state. As such, residents prefer supporting local businesses to well known corporations.

  1. Diversity

Lastly, Utah is home to both urban downtown areas as well as charming small towns. While urban folks can delight in the city life of Provo and Salt Lake City, those looking for the warmth of small town life can find it in Utah as well, offering the best of both worlds to all residents.

Considering all Utah has to offer, including the low cost of living, diverse city life, solid education, and fairly low crime rate, it is one of the best states to move to.                              Image Source:

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