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Top Four Things to Do in Lehi, Utah

Top Four Things to Do in Lehi, UtahSituated between Provo and Salt Lake City, two of Utah’s premier cities, is the town of Lehi. While lesser known than its two counterparts, Lehi is one of the best up-and-coming towns Utah has to offer. The quaint city is packed with activity, though it still maintains the charm of a small town.

Though it was settled back in 1850, it was renamed after the Hebrew prophet Lehi, who is from the Book of Mormon. While it is one of the oldest Utah towns, it has recently begun to grow in popularity. Local residents and visitors alike are recognizing the hidden gem that Lehi is. In fact, more and more residents are choosing to live in communities near Lehi, due to its charm and beauty. Utah home builders are crafting communities in and around Lehi that are full of clean and safe parks, top-rated schools, and fantastic artisan independent businesses.

If considering a move near Lehi or simply planning a vacation, here are the five things not to miss:

  1. Natural History Museums

The John Hutchings Museum of Natural History is popular because of its design. Each room within the museum is themed. Visitors can discover ancient artifacts, dinosaur bones, and other amazing historical articles.

Over at the Museum of Ancient Life, located in Thanksgiving Point, visitors can take self-hosted tours to explore the vast collection of ancient mounted dinosaurs. Plus, there are interactive exhibits throughout the museum, making the space fun and educational.

  1. History

The Railroad Depot Museum is one of the most well-known depots in the state. In fact, the depot is also the oldest in Utah. The museum features period-specific furnishings, luggage, and even old photos to give visitors a real taste of what it was like to travel on trains.

At Thanksgiving Point, the Meadow Gold Dairy Adventure teaches visitors how milk and other dairy products are processed. The summer is one of the best times to visit, as the hours are extended and the other animals on the farm can be viewed.

  1. Outdoor Adventuring

Not only does Lehi have over 10 miles of sports fields, hiking trails, and parks, there is a disc golf field over at Dry Creek Trail Park. Plus, Lehi’s North Lake Park, located on the border of Utah Lake, is open year around. It is fairly crowded during the summer, as the spot is a great place to picnic or cool off from the summer heat.

  1. Annual Events

One of the best parts to Lehi is that it is big on community-wide events. Lehi looks to foster family and community bonding through seasonal events, such as Arbor Day in April, the Round-Up Rodeo in June, and over Memorial Day and Labor Day, visitors can participate in Civil War demonstrations, and watch re-inactments of certain events.

Lehi’s small town feel is part of its charm, but its activities and events make it feel like a destination city.


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