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Top Four Utah Cities to Raise a Family In

Top Four Utah Cities to Raise a Family InAs one of the most family-oriented states in the US, Utah is the perfect community to raise a family in. Not only is Utah known for its safety and education, Utah also has a thriving economy. Considering the cost of living is much less than other states, Utah offers families the chance to enjoy life together without the worry of financial stability.

If you’re considering buying a home in Utah, here are the top four Utah cities to keep in mind:

  1. Herriman

Near the southern region of Utah, Herriman is an up-and-coming family community. Since becoming a city, Herriman has grown from a small town to a flourishing city filled with friendly communities, top-rated schools, and plenty of shopping nearby in Herriman’s town center.

Additionally, homes for sale in the Herriman community are surrounded by sprawling parks and large lakes, making the area packed with both beauty and activity. Moreover, in Herriman’s town center, there is a state-of-the-art library and gym, complete with family-friendly classes and activities. It offers all residents the chance to get to know others in the community.

  1. South Jordan

Just northeast of Herriman sits South Jordan, a small, intimate community that puts family first. South Jordan is divided into neighborhoods, each one offering residents something different from the next. The area is filled with an abundance of parks, recreational activities including kayaking, hiking, and fishing, and has a central area dedicated to independent, locally owned businesses. The whole community, including the schools, is within walking or jogging distance from each neighborhood, making the whole community feel like a small town even though it is only around 30 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City.

  1. Centerville

Because of its emphasis on education, Centerville is among the top family-friendly cities. Centerville is located within the Davis School District, which is one of the top-performing districts in all of Utah. Not only do Centerville students consistently test well during their education at one of the six public schools available, the teachers are also recognized for their efforts to continually teach and challenge students.

Apart from Centerville’s high academics, Centerville is also an extremely safe community. With its low-crime rate and high education system, it is no wonder this town is one of the most sought-after by families.

  1. Springville

For creative families, Springville is an enticing area to move to. An intimate, artsy town, Springville is known for its strong support of the arts, including music, painting, and photography, and the the World Folkfest, among other things. Additionally, the town is growing with small businesses. Being an art-minded town, the locals prefer to support independent, artisan businesses over corporate businesses, making this area the perfect place for young, artistic families who are looking for a place to open a small business.

While Utah as a whole is a family-oriented state, these four cities offer families a stable environment ideal to raising a family.


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