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Quality and Inviting Design: Holmes Homes

After a while, it seems like all new homes in Utah start to look the same. Utah home builders seem to copy each other and forget the importance of uniqueness and individualism.

But at Holmes Homes, we provide unique floor plans and design elements that let our customers make their home their own. Backed by superior-quality materials, our customers feel confident that their new home will be everything they dreamed of.

Unique Floor Plans

It’s happened to you before: You enter someone’s home and can’t help feeling a sense of deja vu. Even if know you’ve never been to this specific home before, you can’t shake the nagging feeling of strange familiarity. Then it hits you: It’s the exact same floor plan of another home in another neighborhood.

At Holmes Homes, we design all new floor plans for each community we build, which means that the uncomfortable sense of being just like everyone else simply doesn’t happen in our communities.

In addition, we provide a large selection of customized options, including finished basements and third-car garages.

Our new homes in Utah are located in well-planned, desirable neighborhoods. We select areas where economic growth is happening, conveniently located near thriving shopping areas. And we beautify the area through parks and walkways, making our communities feel welcoming and inviting.

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