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White Kitchens – Timeless or Just a Fad

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White kitchens have been very popular for awhile now. Many of our buyers question when they come into our design center if they should design a white kitchen since it has been the style for a couple of years. There is some relevance in looking at what the trend is and where it is going. You want to make sure you’re home looks the most up to date it can so it is easy to sell when the time comes. The most important thing to remember though is that it is your home and  should reflect your style! If you love the all white look then don’t worry about the fad timing out.

Holmes Homes Seneca Kitchen Located in Daybreak, UT

White kitchens in fact are like a blank canvas. Now you can add whatever tones and patterns you want because you’ve left the space neutral. This becomes helpful when you want to change up your decor either with the seasons or just for a change.  With a neutral space you’ll never been tied down to a certain color which gives you a lot of room.

tile selections

Many people like making the palate neutral so their favorite aspect of their kitchen pops! Take this back splash for example. Even though it is also neutral you would notice this amazing design the moment you laid eyes on this kitchen! Holmes Homes stays up to date on what is new to keep our buyers in the know for what will complete their homes. We also have designers in house that work with you on putting together all the pieces. Now you can have an expert opinion on your favorite choices before they are permanent!

Photo from Style Home

So to answer the big question white kitchens are BOTH timeless and a current fad. You can’t go wrong with a white or neutral palette and can easily make your kitchen look different from the rest! Remember that your home should have your style, so you decide if the current fad is right for you.

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