Great Cities to Buy a New Home in Utah

Utah is a great state to live in as demonstrated by the thousands of people flocking here.. There is a ton of beautiful scenery, a thriving ski and snowboard industry, and awesome outdoor adventures to be had. The cost of living is reasonable, housing is comparably affordable, the economy is strong, and the crime rate is low. All of that makes Utah a attractive place to live. But what cities should you consider moving to if you’re looking for a Utah home?

Top Features to Include in Your New Construction Utah Home

There’s no denying it: building your new home is exciting. There’s just something special about being the first person to ever live in a house. It’s uniquely yours. In order for you to really enjoy your new home as much as possible, it should have features that are going to make living there more enjoyable and comfortable. So what are some of the features your new construction Utah home should have?

5 Reasons to Retire in Utah

Retirement in Utah comes with beautiful scenery in both the city and country, has a low cost of living, and is one of the safest states in the country. With so many benefits to living in the Beehive State, it’s no wonder that so many people are moving here for retirement. Continue reading below to learn some of the wonderful advantages that come with retiring in Utah.

Why The Holidays Are a Great Time to Buy a Home

The holiday season is full of family, friends, and festivities. This being said, most people have the notion that buying a home during the holidays is an unappealing time to buy a home. However, buying a home in the fun-filled last few months of the year can actually be a very financially strategic decision. Holmes Homes is a leading, award-winning home builder based in Utah. Whether you’re hoping to build a custom home or purchase a previously built home, Holmes Homes is ready to help you with your holiday house-hunting and find the perfect home for you and your family to enjoy the holidays in. Below are some of the amazing benefits of purchasing a home during the holiday season, as well as a few tips for how to best go about the process of buying a home during the coming months.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to SLC

Our lives are filled with a series of important events: choosing the right college, meeting our significant other, and choosing the place that we’ll call home.

Allow  Holmes Homes to show you why you should consider moving to Salt Lake City, a family-friendly community with a thriving economy surrounded by breathtaking mountains.

Fall Fun in Utah

Imagine the crisp fall weather, the colors changing on the leaves—the reds, oranges, and yellows; the way they’ll fall from the trees and collect into tempting piles on the ground. You could almost taste the familiar tang of apple cider, candied apples, and commemorating all things pumpkin spice. Where pumpkin patches and apple picking are in season, with corn mazes and haunted houses to be explored. The fun of Halloween lingers in the air, especially in Northern Utah. Holmes Homes wants to take you on an exploration of things to do this wonderful season.

New Lots Released in Saratoga Springs

Utah mountain landscape in winter

New Lots Released in Saratoga Springs

Welcome to the exciting and young community of Mallard Bay in Saratoga Springs, where small-town vibes and big-city excitement are perfectly in-sync.

Right outside your front door, you’ll find a variety of activities, including hiking and mountain biking on world-class terrain. If you prefer something a little more relaxing, take a dip in the hot springs located just off the northwest side of Utah Lake. You’re sure to enjoy the wide open spaces, stunning views, and wildlife.

These inspired homes are completely new and adorned with upgraded countertops, high vaulted ceilings, open windows, and picturesque mountain landscapes. We’ve planned lots of thoughtful, smart touches into all of our unique and charming floor plans in this community.

There’s No Place Like a Great Home Office

When our home and work are one and the same, it’s important to create boundaries to achieve a work-life balance. Our homes are designed with multi-functional space and smart home tech, making working, living, and learning in one place easier than ever.

The Devine Home Series – Part 5

It’s part five of showcasing our amazing homebuyers, Hailey and Bradley Devine.

They recently introduced their new YouTube series, Making a House a Home. In this series, they travel back to their roots to seek inspiration, discover cultures that are in their blood, and source products to build their new home with Holmes Homes.

Begin Your Homeownership Path With Holmes Homes

Homeownership is the heart and soul of the American dream. Whether you’re ready for the next chapter in your life, moving for a job, or ready to start a family, buying a house is better than renting. Here’s why:

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