The Devine Home Series – Part 1

We’re excited to highlight our amazing homebuyers, Hailey and Bradley Devine. The Devine’s are building their beautiful home in South Jordan, Utah – in Daybreak.

They recently introduced their new YouTube series, Making a House a Home. In this series, they travel back to their roots to seek inspiration, discover cultures that are in their blood, and source products to build their new home with Holmes Homes.

10 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Home Office

Working from home can be a tough deal when you don’t have a great home office. After all, you can only work from bed for so many days before you lose your mind – and proper spine alignment. If you work from home – temporarily or permanently – it’s time to set up your ideal home office.

We’ve put up some tips on Instagram for setting up a new home office, but we know that if you’re setting up an ideal home office, you want a full guide to help you set it up well, not just a couple of posts on Instagram (though we do have some top-notch ideas on there – check it out sometime!).

How Federal Rate Cuts Could Make Your New Home in Utah More Affordable

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about the economy, the Federal Reserve, and lower interest rates. Right now, mortgage applications and refinancing are being overwhelmed with demand. Meanwhile, more and more people are temporarily losing income and avoiding spending.

So the economy has been shaken hard. Everyone is trying to help the economy without getting hurt or causing more damage in the process.

But there is a silver lining – as a consumer, some of these attempts to help the economy could end up working well in your favor. Of course, no one can predict exactly what will happen, but several recent changes are giving 2020 a brighter outlook for consumers in the next few months.

Buying a Second Home with Holmes Homes

Home is your happy place – especially when it’s your second home. Having a home away from home gives you a lot of convenience and comfort, but the process of buying a second home means finding the right company to build with or buy from. After all, you’re leaving years of your future comfort in the hands of this company, so you need to be able to trust them.

Why 2020 is the Perfect Year to Buy a New Home

The New Year is a time to look to the future and decide which changes to make in the coming year. And the rest of the year is for trying to make those changes happen.

One of those changes you’re working on is finding a new home in Utah. Whether you’re moving to be closer to family or for work or because you’ve decided Utah is the right place for you, finding a new home is a big change to make.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Ever wonder if your home how your home could be better for your needs? Is it costing you a lot to keep your house running the way you want it to? Or do you just want your home to have more comfort features?

How Holmes Homes is Leading the Way with Smart Homes

What does it mean to lead the pack? For Holmes homes, it means offering residents a new standard of luxury living and unbeatable traditions. With a long reputation of quality and standards, Holmes Homes takes building new houses to the next level – and our smart home package is just one of the ways we do it.

The Benefits of Quick Move-In Ready Homes

You just found out that you need to make a quick move for your job or to be closer to family, but you really don’t want to end up in a run-down little house that will cost as much to fix as to buy. But you aren’t sure that building is the best option either.

If this is your situation, you’ve come to the right place. The fact is people don’t always think of move-in ready homes for sale in Utah as a great option. However, Utah hosts plenty of move-in ready homes that are in beautiful, even new condition.

Why Choose Holmes Homes: 5 Benefits of Living in Our Communities

What’s been holding you back from finding a home for sale in Utah? What has been? Maybe it’s money, which is a valid concern, but there’s a good chance of getting a loan right now. Maybe it’s that you wish you could find your dream home but aren’t convinced it’s out there. But maybe you just need to see the options to realize that your dream home actually does exist.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to stop letting these concerns get in your way. The best way to look for a home for sale in Utah is to search the Holmes Homes communities. With over 15 communities in 6 different cities across Utah – and more coming all the time – you’re bound to find a home that fits you. 

Lower Rates, Lower Mortgages

The United States is currently in its longest economic expansion in history, meaning that the economy is growing at a healthy rate. Because of this, mortgage rates in Utah have been dropping bit by bit for months now.

Then, at the end of July, the Federal Reserve committee made a policy change that will make borrowing money from your bank even easier and cheaper for you. With this change and the already dropping mortgage rates, you haven’t seen a time this good to apply for a mortgage in a decade or more. 

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