The Benefits of Quick Move-In Ready Homes

You just found out that you need to make a quick move for your job or to be closer to family, but you really don’t want to end up in a run-down little house that will cost as much to fix as to buy. But you aren’t sure that building is the best option either.

If this is your situation, you’ve come to the right place. The fact is people don’t always think of move-in ready homes for sale in Utah as a great option. However, Utah hosts plenty of move-in ready homes that are in beautiful, even new condition.

Why Choose Holmes Homes: 5 Benefits of Living in Our Communities

What’s been holding you back from finding a home for sale in Utah? What has been? Maybe it’s money, which is a valid concern, but there’s a good chance of getting a loan right now. Maybe it’s that you wish you could find your dream home but aren’t convinced it’s out there. But maybe you just need to see the options to realize that your dream home actually does exist.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to stop letting these concerns get in your way. The best way to look for a home for sale in Utah is to search the Holmes Homes communities. With over 15 communities in 6 different cities across Utah – and more coming all the time – you’re bound to find a home that fits you. 

Lower Rates, Lower Mortgages

The United States is currently in its longest economic expansion in history, meaning that the economy is growing at a healthy rate. Because of this, mortgage rates in Utah have been dropping bit by bit for months now.

Then, at the end of July, the Federal Reserve committee made a policy change that will make borrowing money from your bank even easier and cheaper for you. With this change and the already dropping mortgage rates, you haven’t seen a time this good to apply for a mortgage in a decade or more. 

Why Holmes Homes is the Perfect St. George Setting

Holmes Homes is known for building stunning, top-of-the-line houses for over 5 generations. And now you can experience their expertise in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation: St. George, Utah.

Because of its massive growth, finding homes for sale in St. George, Utah can be tricky. Holmes Homes is making that easier for you with a planned housing community just waiting for you to join it.

Welcome to Desert Color, the Holmes Homes new St. George community that covers 103-acres with stunning townhomes and more. If you’re searching homes for sale in St. George, Utah, look no further. You’ve found your future home right here.

New West Jordan Homes For Sale

You wake up in the morning and make yourself some coffee. Holding the mug carefully in your hands, you walk across your new kitchen to your favorite cozy armchair and watch the sun change the color of Oquirrh Mountain.

From the peaceful comfort of your new home, you can’t help thinking how glad you are that you found the Oquirrh West community in your search for West Jordan Homes.

That moment, finding Oquirrh West community, is right now. It’s a brand new community in the West Jordan area, and presales are available in starting in June 2019. Take the first pick of the ideal West Jordan homes for sale.

Oquirrh West community is owned and constructed by Holmes Homes, a Utah-based company dedicated to establishing quality communities in Utah. In our hands, you’ll have your dream home in the best location.

Owning a Second Home in Park City, Utah

Are you considering a second home? Between beautiful scenery, world-class ski resorts, year-round outdoor activities, and international festivals, Park City, Utah offers the perks of resort living with the conveniences and opportunities that can only exist in a major city. Take a look at the benefits of owning a second home in the world-famous ski resort town.

Holmes Homes in Daybreak

As one of the top new home communities in the country, Daybreak is breaking boundaries by bringing residents a beautiful mix of neighborhoods, homes, and views.

But which home is right for you? Here’s why we think Holmes Homes is the Perfect Daybreak Setting.

Holmes Homes Wins QB Builder Award!

Utah Home Builder, Holmes Homes, Wins Number One Award at the QB Builder Awards for 2017

Brothers Patrick Holmes and Spencer Holmes, co-owners of Holmes Homes, are honored to have won the Quality Built “Quality of Construction – Full-Scope QA” award for 2017. Each year, Quality Built hosts the Builder Awards to recognize home builders from across the nation that are demonstrating exemplary building performance. Holmes Homes was chosen as the winner of this award, which is Quality Built’s top award, out of over 900 builders. We are honored to receive such a prestigious award, and we’re committed to continue building quality homes for our customers.

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