Welcome to Desert Color, Holmes Homes’ St. George community that covers 103-acres with stunning townhomes and more. Desert Color is southern Utah’s first master-planned development. More than just a collection of homes, the Desert Color community is a physical expression of a holistic, balanced life, connected to everything great about southern Utah.

Enhance Your St. George Experience

Prime Location

Located alongside I-15 and Southern Parkway, Desert Color is built on a 3,350-acre lot east of the interstate. Plus, it features interconnected community trails that will tie into the existing regional trails of the St. George Area. The eco-friendly, traffic-efficient community can accommodate St. George’s anticipated population growth without transforming into urban sprawl. Deseret color has grown in perfect harmony with St. George city.

Built-In Amenities

You won’t find any community that offers more. This community is packed with never-before-seen amenities to southern Utah while integrating all that is great about living in Southern Utah. At the heart of the community is the Blue Lagoon, a crystal clear blue body of water bringing Caribbean beach-life to the Utah desert. Plus, the new Holmes Homes’ community features exclusive resort-style swimming pools, a year-round golf entertainment complex, playgrounds, shopping and dining, hotels and resorts, and health and wellness facilities – to name a few.

Personal Design Specialists

When you join the Desert Color community with Holmes Homes, you’ll enjoy access to a Personal Design Specialist to help you customize your home. You’ll choose from hundreds of options and finishes for your home, including cabinetry finishes, floor coverings, colors, and landscaping.

Eco-Friendly Smart Homes

Desert Color combines desert scenery with new technology to give you a mix of comfortable living and beautiful views. Holmes Homes includes a special tech package in each home. This tech package consists of a Google Home, a Nest Cam, and a Nest Thermostat. These devices all connect to your phone, giving you a simple, smart home experience.

Don’t Just Live, Thrive.

Desert Color is the perfect opportunity to choose a life that is unique to anything that has been available in the area before. It is a place to pursue dreams, achieve aspirations, and discover the joys of living in a community that maximizes the benefits of southern Utah.


Holmes Homes’ exceptional designs combined with the St. George lifestyle means there’s no beating the Desert Color community. Don’t just live in St. George. Thrive in St. George!